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Video Game Challenge: Seven Video Games [2/7]
→ The Last of Us



Video game glitches in real life.


Lara + Bow & Arrow

Altair Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr: “Freedom!? You worked to overthrow cities, control men’s minds, murdered any who spoke against you!

Sibrand: “I followed my orders, believing in my cause, same as you.

"I swear to god, I get you out of this, you’re so singing for me."


TROY BAKER: After David, Elllie’s visibly distant. You could have done a cut scene to show, “Hey, you’re being very distant,” and she’s not responding. But to also do that in gameplay towards something you’ve done countless times throughout the game with, you know, “Boost you up here, get the ladder, bring it down so we can do this systemic thing…” And the character responds with that and you have to go over to her and go “Hey, come on, the ladder, we’ve done this, lets do this.” Its a subtle choice… I just think its incredible how that happens in-game. Its not a cinematic, you know, its something that adds weight to that controller.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Waaaah! It’s so good!!!

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